E.O, Miami, Florida USA

"Mr. Cedrez Pellegrino guided us through a very difficult time when our home and business were being foreclosed. He aggressively attacked the foreclosing bank's vulnerabilities and as a result, today we happily enjoy our home, a successful business and a very attractive rate, together with an enormous discount in the principal owed.  Thank you, Claudio" 

G. Martinez, Labelle, Florida USA

"During the scariest time of my life, when I was charged with drug trafficking and looking at many years in prison,  attorney Claudio Cedrez Pellegrino came to the rescue.  After a detailed analysis of my case, careful review of documents and deposition of the main witness, Claudio was able to prepare a Motion to Suppress Evidence, which resulted in the State dropping all charges against me.   I got my life back!


Anonymous, Argentina, South America

"When I visited the U.S., I was charged with "cash smuggling" and arrested at the airport.  I faced federal charges. Mr. Cedrez Pellegrino visited me  while detained and quickly analyzed the case and took the necessary steps to resolve it.  I am happy to be back home with my family."